Oppioo is an exercise app for cancer patients.


In short

At Oppioo we are developing an exercise app for cancer patients, where you can combine your cancer treatment plan with your exercise plan. This is because physical activity has proven to be a great benefit to your cancer treatment, for example, it can lower the risk of side effects and relapse, and also increase your chances of recovery. As a cancer patient you need all the support you can get to stay active. Such support should be accessible for everyone, anytime, and wherever you are – and therefore we are developing Oppioo.


Do you want to know more about cancer and exercise, please click here.

Do you want to know more about Oppioo, or even want to be part of the team or contribute to the content and functions, please get in touch with us at hej@oppioo.com, and we are very happy to tell you more!


Founded by Eva Dieker, 2020.

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